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Ayurveda describes several plants which have their natural affinity to a particular DHATU (Tissue) “Home into a Tissue”

This poly herbal formula has an affinity for rectal prolapse and to target the rectal mass so this is a targeted medicine for rectal prolapse.

Medicine has the property of binding and Adhesion, so it produces adhesion between the mucosal and muscular layers of the Rectum and aids in lessening the congestion of the rectal tissue, also gives strength to the support of the rectum. This helps replacement of displaced Tissue that is rectal prolapse.

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Myself Dr. H.B Shandilya,Graduate in Ayurvedic Medicine (Bachelor of Ayurveda with Mordern Medicine & Surgery ) from Govt. Ayurvedic College Lucknow under Lucknow University. I have also completed my P.G Diploma in Anorectal diseases from PG Institute of medical Sciences Varanasi(BHU).I have 35 Years of Experience for Treating Anorectal Diseases.

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