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Prolapse Rectum TreatmentSituated at the foothills of Himalaya, our center is sited in the pristine milieu of Herbertpur which comes under the district Dehradun, Uttrakhand (A Herbal State). We are renowned for providing the miraculous rectal prolapse treatment which is grounded on herbal medicines and Ayurvedic principles.

Rectal Prolapse is a disease in which rectum comes out during defecation partially or entirely. At times, it goes back automatically and many a times, the patient has to do it manually. This disease can occur in males, females and children. Our herbal center provides unique Herbal Treatment which works on the comprehensive principle of Ayurveda without any side effects. The medicine that we prescribe has the property of GRAHI (a term of Ayurveda which means to retain the organ at its own place giving strength to support muscles & Ligaments of Rectum) & controlling SAMAN & APAN VAYU, the forces that control digestion and the act of defecation (Stretching & Contraction).

Centre provides exclusive herbal prolapse rectum treatment and there is no need of any surgical, para surgical or any other procedures (local application or insertion of any medicine through anal route) our medicine is taken orally.

Medicine for rectal prolapse is quite safe and free from any side effects. Medicine is prepared by rare herbs grown in Himalaya and are described in ancient Ayurvedic literatures for prolapse rectum treatment.

Herbs which are present in this Poly Herbal Formula are grown organically in Himalayan Region.

The Preparation of Medicine is done in our Centre under the strict guidance of Ayurvedic Doctor and on the Principle of Ayurveda.

By our Herbal Preparation for rectal prolapse treatment; we have treated nationally and internationally so many patients successfully and without any side effects.

We are successfully treating prolapse treatment disease from more than 35 Years.

Our Herbal prolapse rectum treatment Medicine also controls problem of Incontinence and Regulate bowel movement in normal manner.

The Patients who have Bleeding during Prolapsed Rectum and any Discharge (Watery and Mucous) also get benefitted by our Treatment.

The Patients who feel pain during Prolapsed of Rectum also get cured during our course of rectal prolapse treatment .


Disclaimer : Results of medicine may vary due to hereditary or genetically factors.

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